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Shivalik Group of Institutions is fully accredited, co-educational, independent and English medium day school from preschool to twelfth grade. It was established in 2001 by Mr. S.S.Yadav, Chairman and Mrs. Usha Yadav , Co Chairperson of the organisation. The motto of the school is, ‘We Foster Talent’. The Mission : To foster and promote holistic education and to train students so that they are capable of contributing towards global development. The school is guided by a set of core values that forms the six pillars of the school namely: • Exemplary Discipline • Academic Excellence • Leadership • Environmental Conservation • Voluntary Services • Outstanding performance in extra co-curricular activities. The school has established a reputation for excellence in academia and continues to forge ahead as a leader in education and community.

key highlights

Transport with GPS & Speed Governor
Yoga session
Self Defence
Smart Classes
German Classes
Science park
Highly secured campuses with +280 CCTV
Ro Drinking Water
Language lab
Robotics lab
NIIT Computer Lab
WIFI Zones

Messagefrom the Director's desk

Mr. Shivang Yadav - Managing Director (Administration) With the motive ‘We Foster Talent’

Our mission is to provide positive catalytic impulses to every CHILD to stretch his inherent learning competencies through a self discovery process.

At Shivalik School, the uniqueness of each child is recognized, nurtured and treasured. Emphasis is on LEARNING and not on teaching.

Education is a complete process that leads to the attainment of the full potential of a child. Our endeavor is to equip our students with life-skills to face the real world - be it planning, organizing, decision making, questioning, reasoning, analyzing, team-building, communicating effectively or dealing with challenges confidently.

Our focus is to develop our students as global citizens, with tolerance, respect and appreciation of diverse cultures and religions for a life-time learning experience. They should be self-motivated, independent, confident decision makers to take up leadership roles in future.

At Shivalik School, we arm our students with technological supremacy and help them integrate it with values, morals and our cultural legacy. The school curriculum has been painstakingly planned on scientific guidelines to provide students with intellectual stimulation, physical robustness, social adaptability, emotional independence and leadership qualities. It is our endeavor to establish a quality – conscious school where excellence is driven by values, success is strengthened by ethics and modernity is fortified by tradition.

Mr. Gaurang Yadav - Managing Director(Finance)

Keeping pace with the 21st century advancements, Shivalik Schools aim for the holistic development of its students so that they are successful in their future endeavors. Our curriculum has been designed to promote conceptual learning through theme based teaching for our junior students. Moving from rote learning  to practical aspect, the sessions are designed with a focus on activity based learning methodology.
Apart from studies the objective to ensure holistic development of every student, a variety of CCA have been fabricated in the school curriculum which are mandatory for the students. These include classes of art, music, dance, athletics, social occasions, festival celebrations, science, maths, computer lab activities, yoga, meditation, participation in debates, dramatics, sports, inter- school or intra- school competitions.
These activities supplement the academics but are undertaken outside the classroom. They are designed to evolve the problem-solving, reasoning, critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and collaborative abilities. Qualities like leadership, discipline, coordination are enhanced by the participation in school counsel or school newsletter editorial team. Students develop a sense of belonging to the school and have higher self-esteem by participating in these activities. Pursuing their talents make them happy, healthy and involved.
Therefore, we aspire to promote opportunities for students to explore their interests and abilities. The best aspect is that co-ccurricular activities as a part of curriculum has made teaching and learning experience exciting for both students and teachers.
We are grateful to our parents who take keen interest, encourage & support our children at every step.