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Message from the Founders's Desk

Preparing Responsible Citizens for a Better Tomorrow

I believe that success follows those who follow their heart, however the conducive environment motivated me to serve society. The nucleus of our curriculum is to broaden the spectrum of our pupils and to help them to bloom in every domain with sufficient exposure. With the power of several qualities deeply embedded in their character and exercised at all the levels of educational arena, we ensure that our students passionately strive and accomplish their goals with their prowess.

Being a responsible citizen, I have realized that to mould innocent children into amenable citizens it is important to widen their learning horizons from the restricted boundaries of a class room to the practical training environment. It is with an aim that they can think rationally, synthesize knowledge and apply it to their personal and professional arenas.

Through this we ensure that our students excel not only within the education system but in the real world as well, allowing them to “Arise, Awake, and Ascend”

Mr. Shiv Singh Yadav

Chairman (Founder)

School education has incurred radical changes in the past few years and the process is still ongoing. It is no longer restricted to rote learning and passing exams but pins to the integration of academic learning  with personal development. Consequently our pedagogical techniques have transposed from teaching to learning with a student centered approach that aims at holistic development by embibing values, nurturing skills and application of  acquired knowledge.

I believe that emphasis should be on the foundational skills acquired early in childhood as they are the basis of higher learning. The knowledge and the skills that students acquire in school drive their employability, productivity, health, and well-being in the decades to come. Our goal is to prepare our children  as futuristic global leaders with deep rooted principles and ethical values.

Shivalik schools maintain strict discipline  as it is an essential element for good academic performance. Discipline in school life instills virtues like being focused, staying healthy, and also dealing with problems. As per the current lifestyle and social trends, disciplinary techniques seem to be one of the essential life skills.

Today the students are intelligent, independent and extremely capable. They are skilled with technology and comfortable with global and intercultural communication. They  have all  information at their finger tips. This has made teachers job even more challenging as they need to be updated, forward-thinking, curious and flexible.

The thread of the growth of society depends upon the quality of education that is being imparted. So we emphasize more  by facilitating all-round development of our children.
My heartfelt gratitude to our parents for boosting the morale of our children for their academic development and their faith and continual support that Shivalik had forged ahead & scaled the heights of success. Let us  together  work on  mantra for success -

Dream it.Believe it. Build it.

Mrs. Usha Yadav