Acadmics and facilities


Shivalik is known throughout the community for its long tradition of educational excellence and its efforts to guide each child to reach his or her full potential. While Shivalik has established a reputation for excellence in academia and serves as a leader in education and in the community, Shivalik may be even more well known for the learning environment it creates for the students. Shivalik serves as an example of what education should be. It is about the people. It is about relationships. It is about making sure each student can feel and does feel special. Shivalik provides an intimate and comfortable setting in which the students are both challenged and supported. Shivalik also provides guidance to out going students for their future. Shivalik Prepares the highest rate of students to serve the forces in all the fields (Army, Air Force, Navy, Para Medical, Nursing and IITs).

Faculty & Staff

Shivalik firmly committed to recruiting the most qualified professionals available to be members of our faculty and staff. An interested, enthusiastic, and devoted faculty is an integral part of providing the finest education possible. Our teachers are our most important resource. As dedicated and talented professionals, they strive to reach each and every student. Shivalik is proud to have such an innovative, creative, and concerned staff.



The transportation is quick and convenient due to a fleet of buses with a well planned routing. The school also plans to have GPS based buses tressing and control system for safety of its students and information to parents.



School provide medical facility to every child. A Doctor and a Nurse is employed permanently for the regular checkup of the students.



The School campus is safe and secure for the students with CC tv cameras to monitor all entrances, exits and activities in the campus without interfering with the privacy of the students. In addition well armed and trained security guards , short range communication system, fire alarm, fire fighting system.


HCL Smart Classes Premium Segment (Hitachi Ultra Short Throw Projectors)

The DigiSchool ecosystem is a highly intuitive classroom learning solution that combines World Class Interactive Content supported by a Cutting Edge Content Management and Delivery System that has proven to deliver measurable outcomes. DigiSchool’s content is mapped to various curriculums (boards) and is packed with rich 2D/3D media elements. This finger touch based learning ecosystem complements digital content making classrooms interactive. Developed by pioneers of introducing finger touch based interactive white boards in India, this solution caters to the fluid landscape of the education sector.

DigiSchool bridges the digital divide among teachers.

As a Teacher–led solution, it provides rich content as well as the system to enable a participative instructor-led learning experience supported by strong media. Teachers are empowered to integrate dynamic and static content using a single application, which helps to create powerful learning environments for the students.

Easy Learning

As a Student-Centric solution, it offers interactive multimedia learning repository for all classes (K-12), allowing students to play a collaborative role in learning. Students can use an Interactive White Board (IWB) to work collaboratively with visuals.

Computers opening new
doors to knowledge with wi-fi campus

All the comprehensive surveys and statistics above speak or themselves that the industry which was once held responsible for global recession is now witnessing an unprecedented boom and is increasingly becoming a major cause and a contributing factor in rise of national income and foreign exchange besides solving the ever increasing problem of unemployment amongst the educated and computer - I iterate youth.

To be eligible for the new challenges and jobs in the IT sector one needs to be dynamic and of course adequately qualified. Here we try to build up a teacher student combination where both compete with each other in hard work and knowledge. Our versatile faculty tries their earnest in preparing students to be technically skilled and motivated with a combination of good communication sills and impressive

The students will be encouraged to make use of the well - equipped computerized libraries, modern computerized lab. Evaluation of learning and understanding of concepts is undertaken through well planned system of continuous assessment instead of periodical dreaded system of examinations.


The classrooms make the student feel absolutely at home while ensuring a formal and serious study atmosphere at the same time. Spacious and large, with good quality furniture, the class rooms are such the student will want to spend his time. Cameras are there to check the activities of the classroom to make the students get into habit of staying disciplined.

It is our conviction that music develops sensitivity in people and is hone a compulsory activity at Shivalik. Students get exposed to all forms of music and also exponents in each form and are sensitized to the universal appeal of music.


Principal and staff of Shivalik Group of Institutions congratulates to all toppers for doing so brilliantly.

The status is given to schools that exemplify great practice in examinations, the quality of teaching and for having students that consistently receive high results in the CBSE.

Most parents and students are aware that the importance of tertiary education has increased significantly in the last decade. The imperative for many countries is to raise higher-level employment skills, to sustain a globally competitive research base and to improve knowledge dissemination to the benefit of society.In order to be successful in today’s global economy employers are looking for people with some form of tertiary education. Therefore, we are bound to produce the better result than others. Like every year this year also Shivalik Group of Institutions has produced much higher CGPA in class 10th and in class 12th students streams has brought the laurels to the school.

Parents' Views

Shivalik helps build confidence in children, while also providing an education.

It is very difficult to find fault with the school as it has to cope with so many variables and continue to function.

Shivalik has the ability to include child in all activities and cope with all aspects of behaviour.

My son and daughter has undergone a remarkable change at Shivalik. He/she has learnt strategies to cope and hopefully this will continue to help him in the future.

Shivalik supports children and families to help our children assess education in a way that is appropriate to the individual child and to make learning fun at the same time. Staff work very hard to address the needs of every child.

The school are always on hand when you need them.The school and nursing staff are really understanding to the patients and also to the parents.

We only ever saw strengths and positivity at school.

Shivalik always supported us it is a great friendly place and secure supportive environment.

We would like to say a big thank you, everyone is really brilliant at Shivalik and not only our child but so many children gain so much confidence and make good friends. Carry on the good work.

--Mr. Ashok Agarwal and Mrs. Archana Agarwal with their son Saurabh Agarwal.